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Any idea why Londoners spend more money on shoes than their country cousins do?According to the Harvard economist Edward Glaeser, author of Triumph of the City, this spending gap (urban residents shell out 25 per cent more relative to their incomes), is caused by a function of cities: as much as they are labour markets, they are also marriage markets.So men and women invest in stilettos and brogues to up their chances of attracting potential partners.Theoretically then, London — a magnet for singletons of both sexes — should be an easy place to meet someone to settle down and share washing-up duties with.Interestingly, rather than being hit by the recession, business has quadrupled over the past three years.It now has some 1,750 members, split evenly between the sexes.However, I am now divorced again, met someone else on here and we are getting married. I only do hope, this is the last time I am getting married. Some flirting stays offline, some ends up in a date, or two or in offline relationships (exclusive, open, public, casual, whatever) or even marriage (don’t hold your breath on this one). One thing is for sure: no matter the reasons behind it or how it goes, flirting is fun.

It is the largest single way in which relationships start in the UK today.

The Association will have an important and traditional role as a trade body – ensuring the sector is properly represented so that it has a stronger voice with Government, regulators, the media, financial service providers, social networks and others.

We can only speculate on where online and mobile dating will go over the coming years and on the roles that the ODA might play and the benefits we might deliver.

Now, thanks to online dating, so-called ‘mutually beneficial’ relationships have never been easier to come by.

I love the idea of Richard Gere bankrolling my shopping trips to Selfridges every weekend, and I can’t see much wrong with two consenting adults agreeing to a relationship that suits them both.