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Ical not updating mobileme

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The calendar can present day, week, month, and list views, and can be navigated by a control-strip widget at the bottom—again much like the i Pad calendar app.Adding an event to the calendar is simple: just double-click the calendar display pane, much as you would in i Cal, to place an event and edit it.Verify all of these items are up-to-date before starting to ensure you have the latest fixes for known bugs and issues: As of this date, screenshots and instructions are shown using Mac OS X 10.7.2 (Lion), Microsoft Office 2011 (14.1.3) i Tunes 10.5 and i OS 5.0.1.Instructions should be the same or similar for earlier versions of software.Exchange users have the luxury of being able to synchronize their information across multiple computers and devices wirelessly and I’d advise they stick with that.No matter what I advise they never sync Exchange data directly from computer to i Phone or else they risk duplicate data appearing as a result of the two methods of syncing.On 14 October 2010, Apple took the beta label off of its new Cal DAV-based Mobile Me calendar and made it available as an optional upgrade to all Mobile Me users.The new calendar boasts a number of new features and conveniences, but, as many users are discovering, the upgrade process is not transparent, and, in some cases, can be downright opaque.

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It is possible for them to sync non-Exchange information from Outlook to their i Phones via i Tunes while syncing Exchange information over the air.Let’s start with syncing calendars from Outlook for Mac to i Phone. Create a calendar and categories The default calendar name in Outlook is “Calendar”.It’s located under On My Computer while in Calendar view. For most folks this is the only calendar they’ll ever use.The new Mobile Me calendars include a better web interface, the ability to share calendars, and critically important to developers, Since Spanning Sync does its job using Apple's Sync Services system, the change effectively breaks Spanning Sync's ability to sync with these calendars.Obviously, since Spanning Sync worked with Mobile Me calendars before, our Mobile Me customers expected it to continue to work and we wanted to accommodate them.Luckily, switching to the new Mobile Me calendar is entirely optional, and if you don’t want to do it, just don’t click that Get Started button in the Mobile Me Calendar Web interface, or the Upgrade Now link that appears in the sidebar.