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I have a positive outlook on life and enjoy spending time with like-minded people.

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While Steve isn't sure of Ashlee and Chris' relationship status, it seems possible they are more than just friends.WILL BEN HIGGINS AND LAUREN BUSHNELL GET MARRIED ON TV? Neither Ashlee nor Chris has commented on the romance rumors.Ammika (left) claims to be both African-American and Asian on her social media accounts, just like Karrueche, Chris' longtime model squeeze. Since Karrueche dumped Chris following the bombshell news that he knocked up Nia Guzman and didn't tell her for 18 months, he’s not prepared. Does he purposely go after women that look like her? The boy definitely has himself a type." "Ammika," the source says, "is some fine china.” Nice play on Chris' hit song by the anonymous source there, we have to give credit where due. While Chris is allegedly dating Ammika, he “isn’t serious about anyone" at this stage. “She was good to him and she meant a lot to him." "He misses that little small frame of hers, picking her up and all that good stuff. But they faced similar speculation in 2013, when Ash Lee reportedly flirted with Chris during the "Women Tell All" special.She even told a tabloid at the time that she would be open to dating him.And the following year, reports said that he was seeing a woman named Kelly Sarac.

But Reality Steve reports that the two didn't exactly "run into" each other. They were spotted at a Houston bar Friday night, and the following day they attended a birthday party.

But don't expect this to get super intense, at least not yet. And no lie, he still misses parts of Karrueche,” an insider says.

Well, singer allegedly took an interest in her after one of his friends pointed out that she looked just like Kae, reports indicate.

"I've heard of a technique where you find tickets people have posted on social media, photoshop them, print them out, and then get in on the bar code," he tells the camera."I've managed to track one down on Instagram, so we're going to give it a go, dressed to the nines, turn up tonight and hopefully fake it till I make it and get in in a way which James Bond himself would be proud of." Accompanied by a cameraman, he is later seen walking the red carpet with the great and the good, where he taps Spectre theme song singer Sam Smith on the shoulder before shaking Chris Evans' hand and complimenting He then nervously approaches the entrance to the venue, where his "fake" ticket is checked, apparently for the first time.

For someone who has just arrived from Toronto, via Los Angeles, and says jet-lag is her enemy, Naomie, who recently turned 40, looks incredible.